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4/5 days

Candidates wishing to be trained and examined for this qualification must already hold the ITIL Foundation Certificate in ITIL ® Foundation Certificate which shall be presented as documentary evidence to gain admission.

Course Objectives
The importance of Service Management as a Practice concept and Service Operation principles, purpose and objectives;
The importance of ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis while providing service;
How all processes in ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis interact with other Service Lifecycle processes;
The processes, activities, methods and functions used in each of the ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis processes;

How to use the ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis processes, activities and functions to achieve operational excellence;
How to measure ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis;

The importance of IT Security and its contributions to ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis;
Understanding the technology and implementation considerations surrounding ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis;
The challenges, Critical Success Factors and risks associated with ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis.

Method of Delivery
Classroom presentation
Presentation slides with the help of White Board.

The method of delivery is highly interactive and designed to present the information in memorable and manageable segments.

Each delegate/candidate will receive a comprehensive course handout containing all of the course slides and relevant supporting documentation.

Throughout the course, delegate’s understanding of the material will be tested through the use of interactive discussion and mock exam(s).

Course Time
09:00 Hrs to 17:30 Hrs

Course Outline

The following topics are addressed in the training course ITIL®- Capability Module Release, Control and Validation (RCV):

Candidates can expect to gain competencies in the following upon successful completion of the education and examination components related to this certification:
❋ Service Management as a Practice;
❋ Processes across the Service Lifecycle pertaining to the capability of Release, Control and Validation Management;
❋ Change Management as a capability to realize successful service transition;
❋ Service Validation and Testing as a capability to assure the integrity and the quality of service transition;
❋ Service Asset and Configuration Management as a capability to monitor the state of service transition;
❋ Knowledge Management as part of enhancing the on-going management decision support and service delivery capability;
❋ Service Request Fulfilment and Evaluation to assure meeting committed service level performance;
❋ Release Control and Validation process roles and responsibilities;
❋ Technology and Implementation Considerations;
❋ Challenges, Critical Success Factors and risks;

And specifically in the following key ITIL®- process and role areas:
❋ Change Management
❋Service Release and Deployment Management
❋ Service Validation and Testing
❋ Service Asset and Configuration Management
❋ Knowledge Management
❋ Request Fulfilment
❋ Service Evaluation

ITIL Intermediate Capability Module Examination:

Eight (8) multiple choice, scenario-based, gradient scored questions. Each question will have 4 possible answer options, one of which is worth 5 marks, one which is worth 3 marks, one which is worth 1 mark, and one which is a distracter and achieves no marks.
Maximum 90 minutes for all candidates in their respective language (Candidates sitting the examination in a language other than their first language have a maximum of 120 minutes and are allowed to use a dictionary) Pass score - 28/40 or 70%

Follow on Courses to enhance your knowledge further
Choices will depend on the candidate's individual career goals and objectives. Please go through ITIL Official website.


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